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South Asian Regional Conclave on Education for Sustainable Development- Multiple Perspective Approaches to Biodeversity organized by UNESCO

DAV Public School Dwarka hosted the South Asian Regional Conclave on ESD – Multiple Perspective Approaches to Biodeversity organized by UNESCO, New Delhi office in association with SEED India, Department of Environment, Government of NCT Delhi, WWF India, Globe, Indian Environmental Society and DAV Public School Dwarka.

The Principal Ms. Monika Mehan extended a ‘sow and grow’ welcome by presenting potted Basil plants to all the guests of honour Dr. Ram Boojh, Unesco New Delhi, Dr. B.C. Sabat, Dept of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi , Dr. Desh Bandhu, President, Indian Environment Society – New Delhi, Ms. Mita Nangia Goswami, Director, Environment Education, WWF India.

The programme began with the welcome song presented by the the ‘Kala Sangam’ – The Music Club of the school in tandem with lamp lighting by the revered guests. This was followed by a one hour presentation on how DAV, Dwarka is playing an exemplary role in managing waste, facilitating open air learning, celebrating festivals in the most eco-friendly manner, growing herbs and medicinal plants in the campus, producing manure through composting etc. Dwarka Dheers, the students of DAV, Dwarka gave a real hands on experience of making terrariums, bird houses and tetra pack- planters.

           After the presentation the guests and the delegates from distinct states of India were served with tea, coffee and snacks. A value adding presentation cum talk was presented by the resource persons Ms. Livleenk Kahlon TERI and Pratham Borah, CEE’s School Education Experience. A very healthy and result oriented group discussion was facilitated by the key speakers with UNESCO and SEED Team.

 The outcomes of the group work were also presented by the group representatives. The delegates were served delicacies of Delhi in Lunch. Post lunch, all the delegates were felicitated with the participation certificates by the chief guest Sh. T.R. Gupta ji the Vice President DAV College Management Committee who also blessed all the guests and delegates with his invaluable words of wisdom.

The two day workshop culminated with a presentation of the summarized report by WWF India about the two day workshop on ESD along with the vote of thanks presented by Dr. BC Sabata, senior scientific officer, Department of Environment Govt of NCT of Delhi.


Teacher's Workshop on 'Multiple Inteliigence'

Human beings differ from one another and there is absolutely no reason to teach and assess all individuals in the identical way.
                                                                                              - Howard Gardner

A workshop on Multiple Intelligence was organised for teachers of classes Pre School to VIII at DAV Dwarka on 27th September 2014.The resource person of the seminar was Ms. Geeta Grover from Lays Foundation. She highlighted the importance of knowing the types of learners and intelligence in teaching learning process. Discussion was held on the key traits of an intelligent person like having a critical analysis of a situation, problem solving attitude and the ability to handle situations and to develop adaptability. Role plays on different types of intelligence were enacted by teachers in groups. The session served a brilliant learning experience for facilitators.


‘Effective Communication and Language Skills’ Workshop 

Effective Leader is the one who develops effective communication skills”

DAV Dwarka organised a workshop for its teachers on ‘Effective Communication and Language Skills’ on Saturday, the 27th September 2014.  The workshop was conducted by Ms. Ira Sehgal, a consultant with The Times of India, in two sessions. The first session was attended by the teachers of classes V to X. The session targeted on the ways to make written and verbal communication effective with students. A fun filled activity on the same enlivened the session. The bottom line of the discussion was ‘Good communication written or oral begins with an understanding of the audience. If you can get into their heads, you can find a way to connect.’ The cheerfulness of the expert enthused all teachers.

The second session of the workshop was attended by the teachers of Pre School to class IV. The focus of this session was on English language skills. The resource person shared various tips on phonetics and word pronunciation. She laid impetus on the need to make language interesting and also emphasised that the onus lies on the teachers to build strong language skills among students. Many interesting activities were conducted for teachers to provide them a hands on experience to make language teaching interesting.

Principal Ms. Monika Mehan thanked the resource person for providing an enriching learning experience to the teachers. 

Create to Inspire Workshop

Create to Inspire- a workshop on sustainability was organized for teachers of West Zone at DAV Public School, Dwarka. It was in collaboration with Microsoft, I-Dream and Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT Delhi.

This visionary event aimed at inspiring the participants in making decisions and taking actions that are in the interest of protecting the natural world.

Mr. Rohit Prakash from I-Dream provided sustainability toolkits to the participants so that they can put sustainable design theory into practice. The workshop was followed by plantation of medicinal plants by the participants in the school premises. Icing on the cake was sapling distribution in a very exquisite way.

Sanjeevani – the Eco Club of the school distributed saplings of medicinal plants planted in revamped and redesigned tetra packs.Dr. B.C. Sabata Sr. Scientific Officer, Dept of Environment reiterated that it is every one’s responsibility to reduce their carbon footprints and suggested ways to do so.

In Service Teachers Training programme at DAV Dwarka-Sanskrit

DAV Public School, Dwarka recently organized two days workshop for the Sanskrit teachers of different DAV Schools. Sanskrit has well defined rules of grammar, phrasing and synthesis which can also be used using I.T. On the first day of the workshop, the Sanskrit faculty gave a presentation on ICT in Sanskrit in which they focused on the usage of internet using Unicode fonts, Wikipedia etc. They also made the teachers aware about the wide range of interesting stories, poem, grammar activities and another reading materials which are available in Sanskrit on YouTube and various other search engines on internet. The session was followed by the teaching of Sanskrit typing and making ppt.

On the second day , the resource person Sh. Upendra Kumar Mishra gave a session on the importance of computer in Sanskrit it was followed by session of Smt. Sharda Kumari , Senior lecturer at SCERT on how to inculcate moral values among students. A booklet titled SanskritPravidhiki Sambandh prepared by Sanskrit faculty of DAV Dwarka was also given to the participating teachers. The booklet contained the information about websites, Unicode fonts, blogs, news, journals etc. in Sanskrit which can be used to enhance language skills.

In Service Teachers Training programme at DAV Dwarka- Mathematics

DAV Public school, Dwarka organised workshops on Mathematics from 27th to  28th June 2014 for Maths teachers from various DAV schools. Mr. N.C. Nijhawan, a dynamic and an extra ordinary educator, took up the first session of the first day on “How to make teaching of mathematics more interesting.” The emphasized on activity based mathematics and appreciated the ways of solving any problem in different and creative ways.

On the second day, Dr. J. Krishna Murthy, former principal PGDAV College, gave an insight into ‘Effective ways of teaching Mathematics’. With a belief that effectiveness of classroom instruction originates from the teacher, Dr. Krishna Murthy laid stress on introducing interesting methods and activities for teaching mathematics. Mathematics faculty of DAV Dwarka took up sessions on ‘Games and Mathematics’, ‘Estimation in Mathematics’, ‘General errors and mistakes in Mathematics’ and ‘Educational Technology in Mathematics’ on both the days.

The objectives of these sessions were to share knowledge among teachers, to discuss strategies for effective involvement of teachers, to reach at various solutions, to help students avoid and rectify general errors and to motivate teachers to use more and more technology to match the pace of the present generation.

Facilitators had a wonderful experience and were found thrilled, energized and equipped enough to implement the two days’ concepts and skills in their teaching of mathematics.

In Service Teachers Training programme at DAV Dwarka-Science

DAV Public School, Dwarka recently conducted two days workshops for Science teachers. Forty teachers from different DAV Public Schools participated in it. The topic of the workshop was ‘Innovation in Teaching learning Process’. On the first day of the workshop Ms. Anjali ShahCounseling Psychologist gave a session on Manthan - In pursuit of happiness which was very interesting, enlightening and encouraged positive thinking in our day to day activities. The next session was conducted by Dr. Monika KoulAssistant Professor, Department of Botany, Hansraj College, DU on how science can be made interesting for school students. After that sessions on multi-faceted approach in teaching learning process were discussed by DAV Dwarka’s science faculty followed by how experiential learning can take place even outside the classroom.

The second day started with a fun filled and adventurous treasure hunt activity in which the teachers participated enthusiastically. This activity was conducted to explore the open areas in school which can be used for open classroom teaching by teachers. Then, the common misconception in science was discussed. The workshop concluded with an invaluable session by Dr. Sabata, Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT Delhi on sensitizing participating facilitators towards environment.


Personality Development Workshop


A Personality Development workshop for the school support staff of M.L. Khanna D.A.V Public School was conducted by the School Counsellor, Ms. Suruchi Ahuja on 3rd May 2014. This workshop highlighted the need for positive behaviour and provided an understanding of basic human behaviour: why people act, speak or think in a particular way.

An efficient school support staff may not necessarily be an effective school staff if his or her relationship with the staff, parents or students is poor. But if relationships are good and the staff is motivated, there would always be appreciation, personal satisfaction and growth at large. Hence efforts were made to hone their interpersonal communication skills to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

The other issues which were discussed at length were – physical strength, will power, need for introspection, responsibilities and ownership, punctuality, usage of language and dress code. The workshop was made interactive at various levels as their personal experiences were shared covering some real life-scenarios.

Dr.Kansal, who is our in-house doctor, addressed the group about the child safety issues including the preventive and curative aspects if a s/he meets with a sudden accident.

The prompt feedback given by the support staff was very positive. They were motivated and showed a positive intent towards personality development and professionalism. The staff also suggested that similar sessions should be conducted on a regular basis.



workshop on the topic ‘MEMORY RETENTION’ was organised in association with The Times of India on 29 April 2014 for the students of classes VII to X. The workshop targeted on providing memory tricks to children which are helpful in their stages of learning throughout their life. The resource person Ms. Vandana Tandon started the interesting session with a story revolving around various mind training tactics. She told the children to use MNEMONIC technique to hold the things for long in their mind.  Students were advised to remember information using simple associations to learn the things and retain them. Various memory games were also played with the students in which they were asked to listen to a list of words and then recollect or write down as many words that they can remember. The resourcefulness of the trainer enlivened the sitting and children thanked her for giving them tools to enhance,recall and increase retention of information.