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Generation Global is an innovative schools’ programme by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation which is active in 19 countries. Face to faith connects students world wide via a secure website where they interact. The programme facilitates video conferences where students discuss global issues from a variety of faith and belief prospective. Through face to faith, students gain the dialogue skills required to prevent conflicts by breaking down religious and cultural stereo types. Know more……….

Interact Club Blog Address: www.interactclubofdavdwarka.blogspot.in

The Interact Club is established with an objective to sensitise our students and make them empathetic and socially responsible human beings who can contribute meaningfully towards making our society happy and healthy. Know More………

The Heritage Club -Parampara Blog Address: www.heritageclubdav.blogger.in

The Heritage Club ‘Parampara’ has been established to provide students with a platform to promote conservation of the natural and built heritage of our nation. The club focuses on creating awareness about our rich and glorious heritage- Historical monuments, culture and other areas of significance. Know More………………..

Health and Wellness Club “ Wellness is the key to Bliss”.

Keeping this objective in mind the Health and Wellness Club of our school strives to inculcate healthy eating habits in students, sensitise them towards the benefits of physical activity and promote community based education programmes of personal cleanliness and hygiene. Know more…………….

The Culinary Club- Little Chefs

Culinary club serves as a medium to provide hands on cooking experience while learning about kitchen safety and sanitation, recipe preparation and food preservation. It also aims to encourage intake of healthy meals to combat problems of childhood obesity.Know more............

Disaster Management Club Blog Address: www.disastermanagementclub.blogspot.in

‘Be calm, don’t panic’ is the golden rule to combat a disaster. Our disaster management club has been working on training programmes for faculty and students on First Aid, rescue measures, emergency evacuation plan and usage of fire extinguishers. Know More……………

The Photography Club-Popping Pixels Blog Address: www.poppingpixel.blogspot.in

The photography club is constituted to promote the art of photography and to encourage members to produce creative pictures and experience the thrill of showing photographic excellence. Erudition Erudition is the Distinguished Guest Lecture series that offers a robust slate of lectures and enriches the intellectual, scientific and cultural life of students and faculty at DAV, Dwarka by inviting distinguished people from varied fields to the school campus. Know more………….

The Dramatics Club-Vaudeville ‘Vaudeville’,

The dramatics club of our school is an inherent part of re- creational and creative activities for those with an intense zeal and fervour for the stage. It provides budding actors and writers an opportunity to showcase their theatrical skills and voice their emotions. The club puts in its best efforts in organizing theatre workshops conducted by renowned theatre personalities.

The Bonsai Club – Tiny petals Blog Address: www.bonsaidav.blogspot.in

Bonsai club inspires and stimulates Bonsai enthusiasts. Caring for Bonsai trees, gives the cultivator a chance to take a contemplative, yet creative role in the growth of an emblem of natural beauty.

Vedic Club -Arya Yuva Samaj

Arya Yuva Samaj is a significant programme playing an important role in inculcating moral and vedic values in our young global citizens. Its aim is to provide holistic education, not just to empower them to achieve the materialistic goals but also strengthen the spiritual mind of the students.

The Music Club – Kala Sangam ‘Music is the food of soul’. The music club of our school promotes appreciation for music through a host of activities and ‘Riyaaz’. Students also learn how to compose original music through a variety of compositions.

The Art Club – Sparklers Blog Address: www.davsparklers.blogspot.in

The Art Club has been founded with the purpose of promoting art and student artists. This programme enables the members to organise art exhibitions, encourage beginners to enrich their creativity become connoisseurs of art. The Art Club creates an amiable, vibrant, and exquisite atmosphere on the school campus. The club conducts events like Rangoli Making, Clay Modelling, Poster Making and Display Board decoration, Best out of waste, Origami to name a few. The art enthusiasts of the school make life at DAV fun filled, enthralling and fascinating.

Thinkers Sanctum-The Literary Club

Thinkers sanctum, the literary club of our school aims at not only enhancing the language skills of the learners but also at instilling in them confidence to express themselves fully. The club makes conscious efforts to enhance the communication skills of our learners through activities like debate, extempore, JAM, story – telling, role play, poem recitation and many more. Through these activities, the learners get exposed to an opportunity to voice their thoughts.

Sanjeevni – The Environment Club Blog Address: sanjeevanidavpsdwarka.blogspot.in

Sanjeevni is a venture that enables students to develop a concern towards environment, it’s problems and conservation through myriad activities. In addition, the Environment Club also helps to develop skills of observation, experimentation, survey, analysis, reasoning needed for conserving the environment. Programmes initiated by the club also propose to sensitise the society through ‘School to Society’ Interaction.Know More ……..

Technomania Club : technomania.blogspot.in

Information and communication technologies are just as essential for modern society as electricity and water networks.Computers have changed the way we work,be it anyprofession.The Technomania Club has been established to modernize education and enable students who use computers learn to use word processors for work and design digital printing etc. The Club focuses on enhancing the technological skills of the learners so that they can efficiently store and present the information and collaboratively work with other students online.

The Sculpture Club-Beaux Arts
The Sculpture Club has been founded with the purpose of promoting sculptures & student sculpturists.This club enables the members to enhance their creativity and
develop critical intellectual skills.The club conducts events like clay modelling,best out of waste,P.O.P.work,art exhibition etc.The sculptors of the school meet in small groups,working closely with faculty, peers &visiting artists.

The Gymnastic Club
The Gymnastic club has been established to make children learn about fitness from a practical aspect. Gymnastics requires physical strength and endurance. Attaining
success of gymnastics teaches the student self confidence & boosts self esteem.

Math Mania- The Brain Gym
Mathematics is the gate and key of science. Math Mania Club has been setup in order to inculcate the fundamentals of mathematics in the students so that they can
apply their logical acumen in their education as well as in their personal lives. The underlying aim of Math Mania Club is to ensure that the students start enjoying Math
and start seeing it in everything around them.

TheYoga Club
The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual mind, body & soul. It also enables the students to manage stress & anxiety & helps in increasing flexibility muscle strength & body tone.The essence of yoga is to make the process of life as efficient & enjoyable as possible.

The Cricket Club

The Cricket club of our school aims to provide training to buildong cricketers of the school.Through coaching programmes, regular matches and tournaments, young cricketers of schools provided with the best possible opportunities to chisel and showcase their skills.

Student Council

Student Council plays a marked role in implementing the behaviour of the students. The council has been established to enable the student representatives to put forth their ideas vociferously. The council is an instrument of positive transformation for the students and serves as a primary learning ground before their initial steps in society. The Student Council mentors programmes for younger students, formulates extra-curricular activities, co-operates with school on development of school rules and regulations as well as connotes the voice of the students at school.


A student of class X will be selected by a panel on the basis of his/her scholastic & Co-Scholastic achievements. He will receive a Medal in real gold(weighing 10 gms) and a certificate.


Classes V onwards Scholar Badges are awarded to students who obtain grade A1 in all subjects.Students who receive Scholar Badges for three consecutive years are honoured with a Scholar Blazer in the fourth year.


Chandra Prakash Scholarship is awarded to a student from class 8 for excellence in academics.

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