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Efficiency is the capacity to bring proficiency into expression…..


Amidst times of  realigning to the new normal and  novel pedagogies there is rejoicing and celebrations at M L Khanna DAV Public School, Dwarka. I extend my commendations to the Management, Faculty and Parents on the latest CBSE Board result. These stalwarts have proved again that nothing is impossible if  one wills to achieve it. A confluence of hard work, optimism, conviction yielded a result, always longed for. With 95.8% as the highest aggregate of the Class XII school topper, Sonal Arun and a total of six students scoring above 90 percent the school takes immense pride in its glowing performance at the  board this year and also with  having in our crown  38 distinctions in English,14 in Accountancy, 27 in Business Studies, 8 in Mathematics, 20 in Economics. Class X  further added to the glory as Arnav Nihal and Ishaan Saini scored 97.4%. There were a total of 48 students who scored above 90%. There are 187 distinctions in Social Science, 175 in English and Hindi 128 in Mathematics, 101 out of 101 in Computer Applications. The result this year is an affirmation of a bright future waiting to welcome us.

I extol the achievements of my facilitators who worked relentlessly to make this happen and provide my children with the experiences that cut across the countries and cultures. This happened through video conferencing programmes on national and international forums, our active clubs and class groups.

I also thank our partners - the parents for their active participation in the surveys floated by the school, the e-open houses and the e-PTMs. Your suggestions help us to strengthen the learning platforms that we build for our children.

We also acknowledge that with multitudinous opportunities available one must possess the art of telescoping life to reach the zenith of success and with time so unpredictable it is pivotal that we become introspective and sensitive and attenuate our limitations and vices.

This time of pandemic has encapsulated us physically and a lot of old practices have now been amended and donned in a responsible robe. We learnt that how a beautiful life can be lived with minimalistic approach. We are all set to paint a bright future for our young learners by nurturing them with hope and possibilities, enabling adaptive lifestyles and making them strong so that they can convert difficulties into opportunities.

We cannot always build the future for our youth; we can build our youth for the future. M L Khanna DAV Public School will keep moulding the children to be the best youth and the most responsible stewards of the nation.

Today belongs to us, yesterday was, tomorrow will be. Every day is bursting with opportunities for us to do and to serve, to act and to express, to love and to live. We must make use of this lush chances and diligently make our life rich, fruitful, and useful for others at all times.

Stay Safe!!!!

Monika Mehan