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Message from the Principal  
Wish you all a prosperous and matchless New Year !

The school is expanding its outreach and expending every ounce of possibility to make the most of the opportune time ushered by the pandemic and each day is a testimony to the hard work put in by the students and facilitators.  My class XII  and X emblazed their path with triumphant feat in the CBSE Examination result - 2023, with the highest percentage being 97.4 % in Class XII & 97.2 % in Class XThe result of Class XII this year is an outstanding one with Himani of Commerce stream securing 97.4%, Mitakshara of medical Stream securing 96.6%, Peehu Khaneja of Humanities securing 96.6% and Vision Dubey of Non-Medical securing 95.8%A total of 29 students secured 90% and above. In Class X a total of 60 students secured 90% and above.

The glory of the Class X & Class XII result becomes more glorious when I share the jubilant news that 45 teachers are Microsoft Certified Educators, many teachers are Microsoft Technology Associates and Microsoft Office Specialists. Slowly and steadily we are walking hand in hand with our stakeholders embracing the innovations in technology with the innovative time.

The facilitators are proactively preparing authentic, usable and creative content for our learners. The learning modules are designed in such a way that the topic to be taken up is touched upon from all sides catering to the four different types of learning- Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory and Reading/Writing. Activity based learning is intricately woven in all the subjects be it English, Hindi, Science,  Sanskrit, Social Science or Mathematics. History is brought alive by special assemblies, Role play, exhibitions and Inter Disciplinary Learning.

Students’ understanding of different concepts is not limited to a particular subject , STEM activities are examples of how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can be brought together to give a 360◦ view of the concept taught. Fusion brings a variety of techniques, genres and vistas and gives impetus to experimentation and innovation. Music, Arts and Dance is brought to students in pure form and based on that understanding they enjoy the freedom to experiment and blend various art forms, techniques and genres. Value education and Value based education are intrinsic features of the school.

The peer teaching is worth a mention for being efficaciously student- centric .The special assemblies ,programmes and workshops are being conducted by our staunchly independent stalwarts .The club meeting have taken a distinct contour due to its online and offline mode.

It is imperative that we keep the flame of curiosity burning and the bent of mind for application intact, in our students. Let’s promise each other that every step that we take is with the growth mindset and we all blossom under the blessings of the Omnipotent.

Let’s not forget,

There are no rainbows without rain , there are no victories without pain.

Stay Safe!!!!

Monika Mehan


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