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March 2016  


Sector- VI, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075


DAV/2016/EC/Mar-312                                                                                                                                             15.03.2016

Dear Parent

The session 2015-16 was replete with many achievements and accolades. Students excelled in various spheres and school reached a number of milestones. We take immense delight in sharing with you that our school has been designated as Microsoft Showcase School for its successful integration of technology with teaching and learning. We now join an exclusive community of over 400 premier schools from around the world recognized to celebrate their truly pioneering efforts and innovation in rethinking teaching, learning and assessment in order to drive deep 21st centuries competencies.

As a showcase school we are earning recognition on a global scale for innovative approach in education and have the opportunity of working closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education.

The school is also the proud recipient of the prestigious International School Award by British Council for successfully integrating internationalism into curriculum. All this would not have been possible without the great support of parents who are our incredible partners in providing a strong learning platform for our Dwarkadheers.

Since the new session is about to begin, we would like to furnish few important points for your information to ensure a more informed and disciplined approach for the coming session.

Please Note:-

  • Attendance is compulsory on the first day of the new session.
  • Every student should wear her/his identity card and come to school well-groomed and in proper school uniform with shoes well-polished. Boys should sport short hair/ crew cut and girls hair if long should be tied neatly or properly trimmed.
  • Students should be neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn every day and during all the school functions and activities.
  • Students should use jute or paper bags instead of poly bags. Soft-drink bottles should not be used for carrying water.
  • Students should not wear valuables like expensive watches, jewellery etc. or carry a large sum of money to school.
  • The format for ‘Entry Pass’ and ‘Authorization Card’ are given in the Student’s Diary. You are requested to fill up one format of ‘Entry Pass’ and one of ‘Authorization Card’ and send the same to school by 1st April 2016.It shall be stamped and verified by the school after which it can be laminated so that it does not get damaged.
  • Every parent coming to the school will be given entry on showing the Entry Pass for Parents issued by the school for the safety of the students/ staff. The Entry pass does not entitle the parent to take the child back home.
  • In case of an emergency, when a parent cannot come to pick his/ her ward from the bus-stop or school, an Authorization Card should be given to the person coming to pick up the child.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from applying mehndi, nail polish or hair colour.
  • Students who accompany their parents on the PTM day must come in proper school uniform.
  • The school reserves the right to suspend or to take strict disciplinary action against a student who is found bullying, misbehaving or damaging the school property.
  • Parents are required to inform the school immediately if there is any change in their address and/ or telephone numbers.
  • The school is not responsible for any problem related to transport of students who avail transport other than the school bus.
  • Parents should fill the “Record for Non- Attendance” given in the student’s diary for each day the student is absent from school, stating the reasons for his/her absence. The same must be signed by the class teachers.
  • Leave for four (04) consecutive days or more has to be sanctioned by the Principal, failing which the student will not be allowed to attend school after the leave period, and her/his name will be struck off the rolls.
  • Parents can check the new transport routes, stoppages and timings on the notice board at the school reception and on the school website.  Please inform the transport in charge immediately if there is any change in the routes of your ward for the new session.
  • In case you wish to meet the Principal or the Class-in charge, you are welcome to come on any working day with prior intimation, between 8 a.m. and 8.30 a.m. You can meet the Class Teacher on any working day between 8.00 a.m and 8.15 a.m. only, with prior intimation through the student’s diary.

·         We shall also be in touch with you throughout the year through circulars and notes. You are requested to visit the school website www.davdwarka.in regularly as a lot of circulars will be uploaded only on the website and not sent home as a hard copy. This step has been taken to minimise the use of paper.

Good Parenting

  • Kindly check the haircut, uniform and punctuality of your ward in the morning.
  • Please ensure that your ward carries text books/ exercise books according to the time table for that day.
  • Kindly see and acknowledge his/ her report card and teachers’ remarks in his/her class work/ homework exercise books and school diary.
  • Encourage your ward to take a balanced interest in studies, co- curricular activities and sports.
  • Please ensure that your ward carries paper soap/ sanitizer so that he/ she can wash/clean his/her hands when required.
  • Kindly ensure the security of your ward if he/ she is availing transport other than the school bus by verifying the identity of the driver. Van drivers should be instructed to be punctual, especially in the afternoon at the dispersal time. They should also be instructed not to drop your ward in the morning before 7:45 am. School gates will open at 7:45 am.
  • Please ensure that your ward takes a balanced lunch which should include green vegetables and at least one seasonal fruit. Kindly check that your ward takes his/ her breakfast before coming to the school.
  • Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, camera etc. are not to be carried to school under any circumstances.
  • Do ensure that net- surfing by your ward is done only under your guidance and supervision at home.
  • Encourage your child to read Newspaper and good books (fiction/non-fiction) daily to inculcate good reading habits.

Your support and active involvement in the educational endeavours of DAV Dwarka will be a source of great motivation for us and help us in building a better learning platform for the students.




Sector- VI, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075


DAV/2016/EC/Mar-311                                                                                                                                    09.03.2016

Dear Parent

Our students of class Pre-Primary are all geared up to enter a new phase of their schooling stage and are ready to soar to new heights. Very soon, they will be going to class I with new fervor and great enthusiasm.  And to rejoice these moments, the school will be celebrating ‘Graduation Day’ on March 16, 2016 for our blooming buds.

Needless to say, you will be our most honoured guests on the Graduation Day and your benign presence will be a source of motivation and happiness for our students. Therefore, you are cordially invited to join us for this function on March 16, 2016 at 8:30 am sharp.

However, kindly note that students should reach the school at 8:00 am sharp in proper school uniform and report the respective class teachers in their class rooms. School buses will ply accordingly in the morning. You will pick your ward from their class rooms after the Graduation Ceremony is over.

Looking forward to your benign presence.




Sector- VI, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075

DAV/2016/EC/Mar-310                                                                                                                                           19.03.2016

Dear Parent

Welcome to the DAV Dwarka family. Given below is a list of some important points that you as a parent of a preschooler must know:-

Time schedule

The new Session begins from Tuesday, 22nd March 2016. On 22nd March and 23rd March 2016, you are required to accompany your ward to school at 9 am. You should also be there to take him/her home at 11:00 am on these two days.

However, from Monday, 28th March 2016, regular school begins for Pre School. The timings would be from 8:30am to 1pm. School gates close at 8:30am after which no student will be allowed in.


All Saturdays are holidays for preschoolers. List of other holidays as well as activities are given in the student’s almanac. Please check the school diary and the school website for school closures.

Health and Safety

Your ward should not be sent to school if he/she has fever, heavy nasal discharge, upset stomach, constant cough, sore throat or is suffering from a communicable diease. You may be called to school to take your child home if symptoms of illness are seen during school time.


Parents will be updated about activities through annual planners, activity calendars and daily diaries.

Please let the school know if your phone numbers change.

Parents are welcome to set up time to talk to the teacher about their child. This can be done by prior appointment through Almanac- the diary that the students carry with them each day.

Formal Parent-Teacher-Meetings are held from time to time. Dates and timings have been mentioned in the student’s almanac.

Uniform and Stationery

Uniform and Stationery can be bought from the school room numbers GF 13 and GF 14 from Sunday, 20th March 2016 onwards between 8:30am and 12:30pm.


DAV Dwarka combines the best of the playway and conventional methods with very little regimentation an open and flexible environment. Therefore, one such endeavor is to minimize the burden of heavy bags on our little learners by having a Dual Bag System for classes Pre-School-II.

Parents are requested to deposit the following in a Big Bag(labelled) to the class teacher on Tuesday, 22nd March 2016 at 11:00am:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Oil pastel colours
  • Clay ( the teacher will keep any two out of six colours and return rest of the box)
  • Permanent  Marker
  • All the Books and Notebooks
  • Fevicol tube
  • Poster colours
  • Flat brush
  • Drawing sheets 1 packet
  • Origami sheets 1 packet
  • 1 extra set of school uniform, apron, table mat and napkin

The following articles need to be sent in a small bag everyday:-

  • 5 pieces of any fruit in box other than the lunch box with plastic fork
  • School Almanac
  • Pencil box including 2 sharpened pencils, 1 eraser

Instructions regarding books, activities and timetable

Write the name of your child on all the books and notebooks before submitting to the Class Teacher.

Fill up the personal data form given on the first and last page of student’s diary.

All belongings of your child must be labelled. Name rolls that assist in this process will be given to the students in the last week of April.

Use only eco-friendly or recyclable materials for projects. Use of thermocol is not allowed.

Birthday Parties at School

Every last working Friday of the month will be observed as a Birthday Bash. All the children who have their birthdays falling in that month may wear casuals on that day. Parents may send sweets and/or any other stationery that they wish their child to distribute among his classmates only on the day of Birthday Bash and not on the birthday itself.

Looking forward to your support and cooperation.




Sector- VI, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075


DAV/2016/EC/Mar-309                                                                                                                                                    10.03.2016

Dear Parent

Your sustained cooperation and invaluable support have enabled us to achieve excellence in all our educational ventures. We are proud of our association with you and look forward to further strengthening it. It gives us immense delight to inform you that registration to class XI for session 2016-2017 in Commerce and Humanities stream will be commencing from 10th March 2016. The subjects being offered are as follows:



1. English Core

English Core

2. Accountancy


3. Business Studies


4. Economics


5. Maths/ Physical Education/ Informatics Practices/ Legal Studies / Fine Arts

Physical Education

Informatics Practices

Fine Arts

Legal Studies


Political Science


In the Commerce stream, the first four subjects are compulsory. The students have the choice of opting for the 5th subject from the subjects mentioned at no. 5 in the list of subjects.

In the Humanities stream only English is compulsory. The students have the choice of opting for any four from the other subjects offered.

Registration will open on  March 10, 2016, and subject selection will be done on the basis of marks obtained in class X (up to Formative Assessment 4), written test and interview held in the school. A second round of interviews and selection / admission will take place after the declaration of the Board result, subject to the availability of seats. Students admitted in May/June are expected to cover the initial one month's course before classes start in July. 

Admission Criteria

Commerce: The minimum grade obtained in Social Science & English should be B1and A2 in Maths (If opting) OR CGPA 7

Humanities: The minimum grade obtained in Social Science & English should be B1and A2 in Maths (If opting) OR CGPA 6

Thank you for giving us the fortitude to persist and succeed.




Sector- VI, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075

DAV/2016/EC/Mar-308                                                                                                                                               04.03.2016

Dear Parent

We would like to inform you that the last working day for Pre-School is Friday, 11th March 2016 and for Pre-Primary is Tuesday, 15th March 2016.





Sector- VI, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075



DAV/2016/EC/Mar-308                                                                                                        04.03.2016

Dear Parent

We would like to inform you that the last working day for Pre-School is Friday, 11th March 2016 and for Pre-Primary is Tuesday, 15th March 2016.




Sector- VI, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075


DAV/2016/EC/Mar-305                                                                                                                                               01.03.2016

Dear Parent

Greetings from DAV Public School, Dwarka!

We at DAV Public School, Dwarka believe in the culmination of knowledge & talent into performance. Working under the aegis of DAV College Managing Committee, Chitra Gupta Road, New Delhi, the school has perpetuated a conducive environment setting benchmarks in varied realms of educational arena. For this we would like to show our appreciation & gratitude to all things in life for enabling us do our bit in promoting a balanced & harmonious personality of our students through a spectrum of activities and various intellectual, social & educational technology programmes.

We would like to welcome you to our school for the upcoming session 2016-17. Thank you for choosing our Pre-School & the trust you have placed in us to nurture your child.                                                                                                                                                            

For some of the children this will be their first entry into the world of Pre School. To help make the transition smoother we have organised an Orientation Programme on Saturday, 19th March, 2016 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the school premises. During the programme, you can focus on getting to know the school a little bit better, showing your kids around, meeting the teachers, discussing commuting arrangements with the transport in-charge, talking to other parents etc.

The first two days of Pre School will be on Tuesday, 22nd March 2016 and Wednesday, 23rd March 2016 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Children will come with their parents & stay with their teachers, find their buddies & explore all the different areas of the Pre School for two hours and then leave along with their parents.

The new session will begin from 28th March 2016 at the regular school timings from 8:30 am to          1:00 pm. The school transport will ply accordingly.

Hope the journey of your child in our school will be a joyful experience.

Looking forward to your presence on Orientation Programme.

Warm regards

Monika Mehan