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Examination and Promotion Rules for Pre School to Class II

Evaluation is the most important part of studies. It is to develop habit of regular , systematic and methodical work among the students.
There is internal assessment / observation for classes Preschool , Pre Primary , I & II . Promotion is based on the performance shown in the worksheet and day to day work of the student throughout the year.

Assessments Months Reporting
Unit I April to August September
Unit II September to November December
Unit III December to February March

• 75 % attendance is compulsory is an academic session , failing which he / she will not be allowed to sit in the final assessment ( exams) will not be promoted to the next higher class.

• Parents take care that their ward does not remain absent on the day of assessment / exam.

• Apart from academics all the students are required to participate in co-curricular activities , physical activities and cultural activities which are an integral part of the school.

• The school reserves the right to detain or deny promotion to a student whose performance continues to remain unsatisfactory and are unwilling or unable to profit from the educational program of the school.

A+     Excellent
A       Very Good
B       Good
C       Average
D       Scope for improvement

Examinations and Promotion Rules For Classes III TO VII

Assessment is an evaluation tool to record the progress of a student
• There are two terminal exams (SA 1 & SA2) conducted during the academic year from class III onward. SA I is in September and SA 2 in Feb-March. Besides these there are two formative assessments in each term FA 1 and FA 2 in the first term and FA 3 and FA 4 in second term.
• Promotion is on the basis of whole year’s assessment in scholastic & Co-scholastic domains.
• Scholastic domain includes Formative and Summative Assessment.

Term Type of assessment % of weightage in academic session Term wise weightage Total
First Term
FA 1 (Unit Test)
FA 2 (Activity Based)
SA 1
FA 1+FA2= 20%

SA1 =30%

FA =40%
Second Term 
FA 3 (Unit Test)
FA 4 (Activity Based)
SA 2
FA 3+FA 4= 20%

SA 2 =30%


Total = 100%

In order to be eligible for appearing in SA-2, the students are required to have at least 75% attendance during the year and have cleared all the dues to the school in the month of February of that year.

Grading Criteria

91 to 100%- A 1 81 to 90 %- A2
71 to 80 %-B1 61 to 70%- B2
51 to 60%- C1 41 to 50% -C2
33 to 40 %- D 21 to 32 %-E1
0 to 20 %- E 2