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 Distinguished Guest Lecture Series ‘Erudition’

 Distinguished Guest Lecture Series ‘Erudition’ was held on 3rd September 2015. It was conducted by Sh. Gokul Chand Ji M.Tech Electrical from IIT BHU on ‘A journey towards Self – discovery’ for students of classes VIII to X.

In his address Sh. Gokul Chand Ji talked about some very sublime and thought provoking concerns which made children ponder over the ways to tread on journey towards self discovery. In the question answer session, queries of the inquisitive students were addressed aptly. Some of the reflecting and absorbing questions were "What is the motive of one’s birth?”; “Why doesn’t God punish who create disharmony and peacelessness in the world?”; “What one should aspire for in one’s life? etc. The session was successful as it made the students be aware of their potential, character and motive. 


The Tenth Session of Erudition- Distinguished Guest Lecture Series 

The tenth session of Erudition-The Distinguished Guest Lecture Series was held on Monday, 1st December 2014 for the students aspiring to join law as a career. Principal  Ms. Monika Mehan welcomed the resource person and introduced him to the audience present .

The resource person on this occasion was Mr. Arun Aggarwal, Advocate ,Delhi High Court. He appraised the students of varied avenues in the profession of law, prominent courses offered by universities and what it takes to be a good lawyer. Brushing aside the misconceptions about the profession, he motivated the children about the benefits and popularity of this course and profession.

He discussed about the degree programmes and the skills required in this demanding field. He encouraged the children to expand their knowledge by reading newspapers and work on effective communication skills. The conclave ended with the question answer session where in students had their queries and doubts which were addressed effectively.

The Ninth Session of Erudition- Distinguished Guest Lecture Series 

In an effort to bring some awareness to the fore front and provide key messages about cancer to students, DAV Dwarka conducted a session Cancer- Awareness is the first step under Erudition –Distinguished Guest Lecture Series on 1st October 2014. The session was addressed by Dr. Pushpa Gaikwad, an active volunteer from CANSUPPORT as a Palliative Care Physician.

Dr. Pushpa made the children know the most common symptoms of cancer, its prevention, the importance of cancer screening programs, myths and facts among others.

She made the students realize the importance of their role in promoting cancer awareness and early treatment in their family and neighbourhood.

Students too showed their concern and support in raising awareness.


The Eighth Session of Erudition- Distinguished Guest Lecture Series 

The Eighth Session of Erudition- Distinguished Guest Lecture Series was conducted on 5th August, 2014 at D.A.V. Dwarka on Career Paths in Journalism & Media Industry. The Key note speaker on this occasion was Mr. Pratap Somvanshi, Senior Resident Editor, Hindustan Hindi Daily.

Addressing the budding journalists from classes IX to X. Mr. Somvanshi briefed  the students about the qualities of a good journalist . He further informed that an inquisitive mind, good academic training, talent, awareness and interest to explore are some of the attributes which go a long way in realizing the dreams of those who want to build a career in journalism.

It was followed by a question answer session where in students’ queries pertaining to job prospects, skills and qualification required, role of media in society and culture etc were addressed. The session was highly informative and interesting and gave a fruitful insight into the world of journalism. Students were found extremely delighted on having absorbed varied engaging content related to journalism and media industry.

The Seventh Session of Distinguished Guest Lecture Series ‘ERUDITION’


Happiest people do not have all the best. But they are getting the best of what they have”

The Seventh Session of Distinguished Guest Lecture Series ‘ERUDITION’ was conducted on 26th July, 2014 by Ms. Anjali Shah, a Senior Psychiatrist and a vibrant facilitator on ‘MANTHAN – In Pursuit  of Happiness.’ Ms Anjali talked about how people struggle in their lives for the attainment of happiness without realizing that a person himself is the main reason of both his own happiness and unhappiness. It is inside that happiness dwells. Happiness can be extracted from the simplest and commonest things in life.

Mrs. Shah conducted two activities, as well for teachers to explore happiness. The activities made the teachers discern that the only person who can make you happy and unhappy is “YOU”. One alone has the ability to create happiness for oneself. The workshop was a fun and an accessible way to learn about how to boost happiness and wellness.


Sixth   session of Guest Lecture Series “ ERUDITION”   


D.A.V. Public School, Dwraka convened a talk on Bioinformatics under Distinguished Guest Lecture Series ‘Erudition’ on 7th May 2014.. The talk was conducted by Prof. Monendra Singh  Grover, Senior Scientist ,Agricultural Bioinformatics, Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, Pusa Campus.

The talk focusing on “The Interface of Biology and Computer Science” was attended by Std. IX and X students and Science teachers. The one and half hour interactive session added new vistas of learning to the understanding of this interdisciplinary field of Science. Prof. Grover elucidated that Bioinformatics involves the use of techniques from applied mathematics, computer Science, Chemistry informatics to solve biological problems usually on the molecular level. He talked about the major research efforts in the field which include sequence alignmentgene finding, genome assemblyprotein structure alignment, prediction of gene expressionamong many others.

“How Bioinformatics is providing new hopes to the patients of life threatening diseases? How it is immense in scope and vast in application?”were some of the worth noting question put by students. Principal Ms. Monika Mehan also gave some invaluable inputs. She said that with the rapid growth of the fields of bioinformatics and system biology it is strongly required for students to have an idea of recent progress, approaches and careers available in the field of bioinformatics.

Fifth   session of Guest Lecture Series “ ERUDITION”   


Another session of Erudition Distinguished Guest Lecture series was conducted on 2nd March 2014 by Dr. Shankar Goenka, CEO of WOW Factors India. He underwent an intensive training in South Africa on Neethling Brain Instruments and is a qualified practitioner of NBI. The enlightening session enabled the teachers to understand the attributes of a Left Brain Person and a Right Brain Person. This comprehension of our personality would enable us to bridge the gap between ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Who are you?’ or in other words to get an insight into our perception of self and others. This knowledge would facilitate to increase the proficiency of the teacher as well as the students. Dr. Goenka’s words ‘Do not surrender’ encouraged the teachers not to give up and highlighted on spending quality time with the children. The teachers interacted with the resource person and look forward to more such illuminating programmes in future.

 Fourth  session of Guest Lecture Series “ ERUDITION” 



Aspirations for IIT-JEE

Cracking IIT-JEE or entering into a renowned engineering institute is a hard nut to crack. For the students who are keen to crack this hard nut D.A.V. Public School Dwarka organized Erudition-Distinguished Guest Lecture series. The session was a path breaker in this context. Resource person Professor Ashish MohanMentor Super 30 (Super -30 is an innovative educational programme that teaches poor and talented students to clear IIT-1JEE) - interacted with more than 50 students of classes IX and X and benefitted them with his tips and tactics. It was an interactive session where aspirants felt more confident and enlightened after attending the session. The key points, Professor Mohan emphasized on were: honest efforts to solve a problem, understanding of the basic concepts, and consistent self study of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. He mentioned that practice is the only key to the golden lock of success. The series ended with the address by the Principal where she applauded the zeal of students and the efforts of faculty.

 Third session of Guest Lecture Series “ ERUDITION” 

The Third session of Guest Lecture Series “ ERUDITION”  was conducted on  Thursday ,12 Dec 2013 by Doctoral students from IIT Kanpur. The interactive session on “Air Quality Fundamentals and Monitoring” was quite an enlightening  one for the students of class X. It was followed by an experiential  learning session by the students wherein they studied and observed  the particulate and gaseous samples detected by the Air Quality Monitoring Machines installed on the  terrace of the school. The session sensitized students to the increased levels of pollution and its lethal effects on human beings. The students realized the need to reduce air pollution.

 Second session of Guest Lecture Series “ ERUDITION” 

The second session of ERUDITION  -Learning for Life series was conducted by Principal Monika Mehan on Saturday 26 October 2013, for the teaching faculty of the school in its premises. Recognising the growing need for integrating  technology with education. Ms. Mehan emphasized the significance of blogging as a platform to express and share ideas , views and opinion to a large audience comprising  other  teachers in the profession  and the students. She elucidated the necessity of developing our own learning centre.

The teachers were given step by step demonstration on creation a blog by her .Every one actively participated in the session with enthusiasm .

Distinguished Guest Lecture Series  “ERUDITION” 

DAV  PUBLIC SCHOOL DWARKA  organized Distinguished Guest Lecture Series  “ERUDITION”on Friday  4th October 2013. The topic for the session was  “ Tenets of Success- Looking beyond and what it takes to be successful l “.

Resource person Dr. Dinesh Gauri , Associate Professor , Syracuse University New York shared his opinion and thoughts with class X students and briefed them with the principles of achieving success in life. The talk session was followed by the question answer session in which students participated with great  earnestness.