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Open Air Classroom  

Open Air Classroom

The classroom teaching is not just confined to four walls of rooms. Open air classroom is one such step in that direction

  • The students are taken out for nature walk to schools Kitchen garden which allows the students to have tete a tete with nature and know different variety of herbal , medicinal plants and non medicinal plants.Children learn how to tend new plants, take care of garden and appreciate the wonder and power of nature. This also infuses in them a sense of responsibility, teamwork and love for nature.


  • The trampoline installed in the front lawn of the school helps in improving the motor skills, co-ordination and balance of the children besides having its health benefits. Students get a chance to learn about various laws of motion and experience their practical implications. The concepts of acceleration, gravitational force, potential energy and kinetic energy also come into picture. This area promotes fun learning experience for children.

  • Duck pond and bird house in the school provide to serve learning in an open air environment to young children who develop love and care for birds and animals.